Oven baked crispy chick'n tenders & eggless tofu scramble on 5-grain rice with housemade umami dashi sauce topped with green onion & nori. $12.5. Add small miso soup $2.
Served with a side salad during lunch time!


Monday, 18 May 2015 17:05

My Macho Husband Is a Vegan Chef

Ana (the owner's wife) just started her new blog in English!
She tries her best to introduce Akira's innovative vegan dishes. Please subscribe!


Organic brown rice pasta with sauteed organic kale, shimeji, maitake & shiitake mushrooms seasoned with vegetable broth. $12.95 Add Chick'n $2.5
Served with a side salad during lunch time!
Cooked in Japanese-Italian style.


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We are going to start offering wholesome & beautiful salad consisting of 100% organic vegetables and housemade dressing packed in mason jars from Wednesday, May 13th.

This packed salad is fast & easy and great for your breakfast/lunch.
(The unopened salad will be good for 5 days in a refrigerator.)

Just shake it well, dump it on a plate and enjoy the great-tasting living food!

For the first week, May 13th-18th, we will be pleased to offer BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF in order for you to try different kinds easier.

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