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Whole Cakes

Click here for Our Organic Cake Slices

VegiLicious offers                                                  

Vegan Whole Cheesecakes  Rich・Creamy・Tasty
Organic & Gluten Free!
Our whole cakes are made without any dairy, egg, soy, wheat, sugar, additive and GMO but with ORGANIC ingredients and LOVE.
We use organic maple syrup for sweetening.

cake raspberry Raspberry Lemon

9” (serves 12-16) $79
6” (serves 6-8) $48
cake whitestraw White Chocolate Strawberry

9” (serves 12-16) $79
6” (serves 6-8) $48
cake pumpkin Pumpkin Pie

9” (serves 12-16) $69
6” (serves 6-8) $42

*The whipped cream is made of organic soy milk.
If you do not need it, please let us know.
cake chocobanana Chocolate Banana

9” (serves 12-16) $69
6” (serves 6-8) $42

How to order

- You can order at the restaurant, by phone (714-377-3928) or from the following form.
- Please order at least 3 days in advance.
- If you order online, please check a confirmation email. It should be sent within 24 hours.
- For pickup only.
- If you decide to cancel your order, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

*Keeps 5 days in refrigerator.
*Please let us know if you have any food allergy.

order form

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Saturday, 17 October 2015 17:36

Pumpkin Pie

Dairy-free Organic Pumpkin Pie is now available! Limited time only!

Click here for Our Organic Whole Cakes

pumpkin pie moji

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Tuesday, 06 October 2015 18:15

Organic Cakes Sampler

cake sampler2

We will be pleased to offer a plate of organic cakes sampler this coming Saturday, October 10th, between 3pm and 4pm. This special sampler includes two new cakes PLUS one new ice cream PLUS coffee/tea.

Special Organic Cakes Sampler
・ Raspberry Lemon Raw Cake
・ White Chocolate Strawberry Raw Cake
・ Chocolate Banana Raw Cake (NEW!)
・ Pumpkin Pie (NEW!)
・ Chocolate Ice Cream (NEW!)
・ Coffee/Tea
Only $14 (You can share with another person. If so, the other person, please order one drink.)

ALL ORGANIC, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, gluten free and soy free (except for the soy whipped cream on pumpkin pie. Please let us know if you do not need it.)

10 sets only. Reservation is recommended.

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