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Who is ready to try our new ramen? This premium ramen is made only with all organic ingredients: the soup, the noodle and the toppings, including seasoned (meatless) crumbles, wakame, corns, bean sprouts and green onions. It seemed impossible to make ramen fully organic & natural, but Akira finally made it happen ^^

ramen newsletter final web
Because it takes a lot of time to prep this special ramen, there will be a limit of 5 servings each lunch time and dinner time.

We are sure you will be so happy with the tastes and the quality ^^

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Thursday, 21 April 2016 12:51

100% organic ramen is near completion ^^/

In our last newsletter we have told that the owner/chef Akira was struggling to make his Spicy Miso Ramen, which had been super popular as the special of the week, fully organic. Although he solved the most issues, the last one was very hard. He needed Gochujang chili paste, but there was no organic Gochujang chili paste anywhere. He has been working on making the paste from scratch, and it is finally near completion.

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The paste he has made tastes a lot nicer & richer than any commercial ones and it is absolutely 100% organic!!

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The enticing finished ramen soup consists of organic vegetable broth, Akira's handmade Gochujang chili paste and the best organic miso from Japan.

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It's successfully achieved the balanced tasted with a hint of spiciness, sweetness and richness in one single dish! Now our new Spicy Miso Ramen Noodle & Soup w/ seasoned meatless minced meat & vegetables is almost ready to serve! Of course, everything is organic ^^/

Akira is now making final adjustments. In the next newsletter, we are going to announce the release date of our all organic vegan ramen at VegiLicious.

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In our last newsletter we have announced that we will put "Spicy Miso Ramen Noodle & Soup w/ seasoned meatless minced meat & vegetables" on our regular menu listening to many customers' requests.

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The owner/chef Akira wants to make all the ramen ingredients 100% organic at this opportunity. The noodles are already organic, and the seasoned meatless minced meat has almost been complete. It is ORGANIC and GLUTEN-FREE!! Akira has made it happen so people who needs to eat gluten free can enjoy the whole ramen when he invents gluten-free ramen-noodle in future.

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At the same time he is facing some trouble too.... He needs Gochujang chili paste in order to make the soup deliciously spicy with rich tastes. Unfortunately, there is no organic Gochujang chili paste sold in any market or online. He looked desperately and finally found not Gochujang chili paste but just organic Korean red chili peppers that is suitable for Gochujang chili paste. He is now working hard to make the paste from scratch (-_-;)

ramen2 akira2

He is trying really hard making everything 100% organic to provide the highest-graded and great-tasting ramen. Give him a little more time. We will let you know if we can really provide our ideal ramen for you on the next post. 

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One of the weekly specials that we have offered, "Spicy Miso Ramen Noodle & Soup w/ seasoned meatless minced meat & vegetables," was super popular and so many customers asked us to put it on the regular menu.

We listened to the passionate voice and decided to provide the poplar ramen every day!

However, we would like to make it even more delicious in order to receive the reputation of SoCal's best ramen not only among vegans but everyone without doubt. So the owner/chef Akira is working on improving the tastes now.

Give us a little more time. We know you will be so happy with the quality!

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