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Organic Salad in Mason Jar

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Wholesome & beautiful salad consisting of 100% organic vegetables and housemade dressing packed in mason jars.

This packed salad is fast & easy and great for your breakfast/lunch.
(The unopened salad will be good for 5 days in a refrigerator.)

Just shake it well, dump it on a plate and enjoy the great-tasting living food!

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Curry & Corn Chowder

Stock VegiLicious' Curry/Corn Chowder in your freezer and enjoy it anytime you want.
Just microwave and it will be ready in a few minutes!

For those who have no time to cook but would like to eat healthy & delicious at home.
For those who live far from VegiLicious.

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Magic Sauce

We bottle it freshly to order in a 5oz bottle whenever you would like to purchase it. With this sauce you can make any food spicier and add some more rich tastes to the food at home!

magic sauce



100% ORGANIC GARLIC SESAME DRESSING packed freshly to order in a bottle. 

All the other VegiLicious' dressings can also be bottled upon request. 

You can make your home salad even more delicious and healthier with our delightful organic dressing.

It is a great inexpensive gift for your family and friends too. Make your family, your friends and yourself happy and healthy!

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