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Please inform our staff of any food allergies.

  Raspberry Lemon Raw Cake ...  $8.50

gluten free

  White Chocolate Strawberry Raw Cake ...  $8.50

gluten free

  Chocolate Cheese Cake ...  $6.95

organic, all dairy free

a la mode for 2
Housemade whipped cream for 1

  Heaven Sundae ...  $10.00

Coconut, strawberry and tiramisu icecreams, granola, almond slices, walnuts, chocolate syrup, banana slices, strawberries, berry sauce and housemade whipped cream on top.

Ice Cream
  Coconut Ice Cream ...  $3.95
  gluten free    
  Strawberry Ice Cream ...  $3.95
  gluten free    
  Tiramisu Ice Cream ...  $3.95
  Green Tea Ice Cream ...  $3.95
  gluten free    
  Plum Ice Cream ...  $3.95
  gluten free    

 organic, all dairy free

Complimentaly toppings of almonds & walnuts with a chocolate drizzle

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