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Drinks (All Organic)
    Lemonade w/ Coconut Water ...  $4.50

Organic lemon juice and coconut water mixed in the kitchen. Lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup.

    Very Berry Lemonade w/Coconut Water ...  $5.50

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries blended with housemade lemonade w/ coconut water.

    Pure Apple Juice ...  $4.50

Taste the difference with 100% organic unfiltered juice.

Coffee Beverages(Iced/Hot)
    Coffee ...  $3.50

Organic Arabica grown in the rainforest.

    Cafe Latte ...  $4.50

A shot of espresso with organic soy milk.

    Cappuccino ...  $4.50

A shot of espresso on a thick mass of organic soy milk & foam. 4.5

    Espresso ...  $3.00

Double 4

Pot of Specialty Tea (Caffeine Free)
    Chamomile ...  $6.00

Calms your nervous system, soothes and supports your digestion. Fragrantly floral, honey-like and bittersweet.

    Dandelion Leaf & Root  

Supports kidney function and healthy digestion. Enjoyably mild and sweet.

    Papaya Leaf ...  $6.00

Supports blood platelet function and digestion, maintain healthy immunity and boost energy and vitality. Smooth and slightly bitter.


Menu and prices are subject to change.
    Green Tea ...  $3.50

Brewed with the best Japanese grown organic green tealeaves and a touch of organic matcha powder.

    Matcha Latte ...  $4.50

Organic green tea matcha powder blended with organic soy milk. Lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup.

    Assam Black Tea ...  $3.50

Organic black tea grown in Assam, India.

    Rooibos Tea (Caffeine Free) ...  $3.50

Organic herbal tea naturally free from caffeine.

    Oolong Tea ...  $3.50

Organically grown and semi-fermented combining the qualities of black and green teas.

Bottled Water
    Fiji (1L) ...  $5.00


    Perrier (750ml) ...  $5.00