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Akira and Ana will be back in Japan for their visa renewal for 2 weeks and a half, and therefore, we will temporarily be closed as follows:

November 5th - 23rd: Closed Friday 
November 24th: Re-open at 5:30pm

Thank you for your kind understanding.
Happy Thanksgiving!

About Us

Welcome to VegiLicious

For your health and real happiness, we use ALL ORGANIC vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, nuts & seeds and all premium-grade seasonings and make great-tasting food from scratch WITHOUT any white sugar, refined salt, oil (except for organic olive oil for pan-fried items) and MSG but WITH SO MUCH LOVE.
We care about you & the planet in the real earnest. Please enjoy the best & healthiest food we have accomplished.

Akira & Ana

Why Natural and Organic?

We are very social ...

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