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Rich Brewed Miso Soup with Hearty Tofu and Vegetables

Our miso soup is very healthy not to speak of delicious one.
Miso paste is made through long process of the fermentation of soybeans. Miso contains plenty of amino acid, B vitamins, vitamin E, enzyme, isoflavone, and lecithin.
In addition to these excellent nutrients, our miso soup contains hearty tofu and veggies, which makes the soup more delicious and healthier.

Grilled Chick'n Breast Curry

A Western stew-like curry introduced by the British, Japanese curry has evolved in their own unique way and is now one of the national foods in Japan. Japanese curry is thick, warm, and filling. Our curry is made with a great amount of all organic vegetables.

Grilled Meatless Teriyaki Burger


Are you hungry?
Amazing tasting high-protein super charged lunch special. It's healthy and delicious!
Go back to work full and energized!

Protein: 41g
Saturated Fat: 2g
Cholesterol: 0

Lunch Special!
Add your choice of a side salad, a small cup of our delicious creamy corn chowder, or baked potato wedges for only $2 more.

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