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Modern Japanese Organic Vegan Cuisine

Here is our soft-soft-reopening schedule for February. (To-Go Only)

The reason for the limited opening is that Ana still needs a lot of time for rehab, treatment, care, and rest to reduce the pain and stiffness and to improve the range of motion in her legs, which got burned badly in January, and Akira needs to help her.
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Thank you!

Welcome Modern Japanese Organic Vegan Cuisine.

akira ana

We provide genuine food
w/ love & energy. 

In order to make you & the planet healthy & happy, we make great-tasting foods from scratch using ALL ORGANIC vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, nuts, seeds and spices WITHOUT white sugar, refined salt, MSG, GMOs , food additives, and oil (except for organic olive oil for pan-fried items) but with ORGANIC LOVE.
If you like healthy delicious food and your sense of taste has not been affected with sugar/oil/salt/bouillon/MSG, VegiLicious will be the perfect restaurant that completely satisfies your taste and needs.
Enjoy VegiLicious' food and make yourself, your family, friends, and the planet healthy & happy.
Since we operate the restaurant with only two of us, you might have to wait for a long time when we receive many orders in the same time frame.
(We guarantee our food quality and your satisfaction.)

Akira & Ana

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Our ReviewsFrom yelp

Edie M.
Love this place. The food is amazing. The ambiance is comfortable and inviting. I had the hamburger curry and it was one of the best curries I've ever had. They have the secret ingredient
Tommy T.
最高牛丼!As someone who eats meat on a regular basis, like all you can eat kbbq and yakiniku on a once a week basis, I'm not kidding when I say I'd gladly swap it out with the food here anytime. I was left speechless after the first bite, it was like those cooking show moments where the world seems absolutely perfect. The place was super cute which is a total bonus. All I can think of is the "meat" still, like the taste is just lingering on my tongue and I wanna run back in and order another 5 of those bowls. The oolong tea was super light and refreshing, an amazing compliment to the savory flavors. I will definitely come again just to try their coffee, because I love coffee and if the food was that good then the coffee has to be too!
Cammy O.
absolutely amazing food & beyond outstanding service. they are by far the sweetest & cutest couple & cook delicious vegan food. i've only been here twice but i'm excited to keep coming back.
Ameelvi T.
The first thing I noticed was the energy -- so welcoming and positive, I felt like I was home. The space is very peaceful, and Ana is the sweetest woman ever! I can't believe it's just her and her husband running this place by themselves, it's impeccably managed. I can feel their love for their work and passion for their vision just being in here. And the food.... To die for. Tastes incredible, the ramen is so nourishing for the tummy and the soul (I added tofu to mine!) and the dandelion specialty tea was the perfect pairing to wash it down. I'm also so, so happy it's 100% vegan!! I've found a new favorite spot, I only wish I lived closer to Huntington Beach, but I'm definitely telling everyone I know to come here, and I hope to return myself sometime soon! The perfect end to a day at the beach.
Zachary L.
Akira and Ana are such wonderful people to be around and support! The food is some of the best my fiancé and I have ever had the pleasure of having. Healthy healthy healthy! Healthy never tasted so good. We come in here multiple times a week, truly fantastic. See you again soon!
Rosalba "Rosi and CJ" C.
Went on a recommendation and am so happy that I did. The food was delicious. Lots of variety which makes it easier to find an excuse to go back! The ambiance is lovely and the owners/chef/hostess/staff of two (they are a couple) are so friendly and gracious. I ordered the tofu curry with the five grain rice. The portion was perfect and so yummy. The curry has just the right amount of mild spice and sweet creamy flavor. My daughter ordered the spicy miso ramen (photo shown). Thumbs up all the way!

Edie M.

Love this place. The food is amazing. The ambiance is comfortable and inviting. I had the hamburger curry and it was one of the best curries I've ever had. They have the secret ingredient

Location & Hours

16821 Algonquin St., #103, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Located in the Huntington Harbour Mall, 3 doors behind Trader Joe’s

(Lunch) Noon - 2:00pm -L.O.-

(Dinner) 5:30pm - 8:00pm -L.O.-

Closed: Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Contact: info@vegilicious-us.com