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We will be open on Valentine's Night!

Although we are usually closed on Tuesdays, we will be open on Valentine's night 5pm to 9pm in order to make you and your Valentine extra happy!! We are pleased to offer the following special meal that are going to be made with LOVE:

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Reservations and Prix Fixe Menu only
 (except for children).

Please call 714-377-3928 for a reservation ASAP since it was completely packed last year.

Kobe BBQ Bowl

This newly invented vegan BBQ meat has even better taste and texture than real Kobe beef. The thinly sliced meat is marinated and grilled with the chef’s special BBQ sauce. Served over 5-grain rice and topped with green onion, sesame seeds and thinly shredded red pepper. 18

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Wrapping Lettuce w/Housemade Chili Paste

Tear the lettuce into a few pieces. Put some BBQ meat, rice and a little chili paste on a piece and wrap it! 3.5


We are not only meal planners and plant-based diet educators, but we are animal rights and health activists. We are constantly in the community to help bring peace to our animals, planet, and your health. Donations support the love to make food for activists and our time to educate the masses that animals are NOT food. Prior to now, we used only our personal funds to feed people who are in need of nourishment.

We sincerely thank all of you! Love to you all.


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