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Soy is miracle food!

(Unless you have allergy,) "Soy makes you healthy."
It is well-known in Japan. Before World War II, the Japanese people very rarely ate meat but ate rice, soy and vegetables, and there were no cancer, no heart disease, and almost no stroke.

After World War II, America brought meat and milk and the people started eating those animal related food. As meat & milk consumption went up, soy consumption went down, and those serious diseases rapidly increased.

Okinawa was famous as the longevity and good health. They traditionally ate a lot of soy and vegetables. After WWII, Okinawa was governed by US until 1972 and 50,000 US military service members have still always been there, and Okinawa's eating style has completely changed to the American style.

As the result, the average life span of Okinawa's men is ranked closed to the lowest now. Nagano Prefecture, on the other hand, have been recommending their people to eat more vegetables and soy and reduce meat for the past 20 years, their average life span is now No.1 and their medical costs are the lowest in Japan.

It is true that over 90% of US soy crop is GMO, but most of it is to be fed livestock as well as corn.
Some of it is processed to oil, and some of it is added to process food. So I do not recommend meat, milk, oil, or any process food.

soy foodsMost of Tofu, Miso, Tempeh, Natto and soy-meat are made of non-GMO soy. You may rest assured you enjoy these nutritious food.

Especially, fermented soy products such as Miso, Tempeh and Natto are super good for your body because they do not even contain phytic acid or abscisic acid since they are to be lost during fermentation.

Why are there those soy myth?

Imagine that as a great protein source if soy becomes very popular and many people start eating it, what will happen? People get healthy, and meat consumption decreases.

Who will be in trouble??? Those industries are huge.They have to create the myth!

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The Organic Effect

Organic food makes you happy and energetic, so does VegiLicious.

organic effect

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The True Cost of Meat

This is a great diagram!
This is the reason Akira became vegan, quit his job at a BBQ restaurant and established VegiLicious.

Eating meat is expensive, but the cost isn’t limited to the price you pay at the store. Did you know that eating meat also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, soil erosion and water overuse? And surprisingly, turning vegetarian won’t eliminate these effects — if you still eat cheese, that is.
Read on to learn more about the true cost of meat!

true cost

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What is safe and what is dangerous?

It is unfortunate that many people have been made to believe soy is all GMO. It is true that about 90% of the US soy crop is GMO. But most of the GMO soy actually goes to be fed to cows.

VegiLicious uses all GMO-FREE soy products and USDA certified organic products.

Corn is also mostly (about 90%) GMO, fed to cows, and high fructose corn syrup of which most soda and processed food contain a lot is GMO products.

You have a lot more chance to take GMO corn than GMO soy on a daily basis.

VegiLicious uses 100% organic corn and even corn starch for our popular sweet corn chowder.

You may rest assured that all VegiLicious' food is 100% safe and delicious!


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Soy is great!

It is unfortunate that some people have still been made to believe that soy is not good for bodies.

Be aware that medical industry doesn't want you to be completely healthy. (They want you to keep on visiting the doctor and buying medicines.)

A lot of researches report that people in the areas where they traditionally eat a lot of soy rather than meat live LONG WITHOUT ANY DISEASE.

Soy actually does really good to your bodies (unless you have allergy or hypothyroidism.)

Especially fermented soy such as tempeh is super super healthy! (Our soy products are 100% GMO-free.)

Here is great FAQ about soy easy to understand,


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