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Thursday, 16 July 2015 17:47

World Savers

Yes, you're all world savers ^^
With VegiLicious' food make yourself healthy & happy, help improve the environment and solve the food crisis of the world.

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world savers

Monday, 26 January 2015 13:05

Better for the Planet

Reducing consumption of meat by one day can make a drastic impact on the environment. Here's how you can make a difference:

better for planet

Thursday, 31 July 2014 09:11

Dreamy & Ideal Food

You can enjoy VegiLicious’ food without thinking about calories, nutrients, etc.. Our delicious food is created to make you happy & healthy and help to better the environment and the food shortage.

why vegan

Friday, 23 May 2014 18:50

With All Heart and Soul

I use (almost) all organic ingredients for better health and happiness for customers, devote a great deal of time and efforts for the food and put all my hearts and love into every single dish.
-Akira, Owner/Chef of VegiLicious

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