Why VegiLicious?

Eat VegiLicious and Make Yourself & Everyone Happy!
Simply enjoy VegiLicious' food, and you can automatically make yourself & everyone happy.

How and Why?

1. You will love the great-tasting food.

1new'Food tastes' generally consist of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, spiciness, and umami. Each of our food items is made with perfect balance of these six elements by expert chefs. All the vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, nuts & seeds we use are organic, all the seasonings we use are premium-grade, and all VegiLicious’ foods are made with so much love. You will surely feel your soul becoming happier and happier while having VegiLicious food.

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2. You will become unbelievably healthy and energetic.

1Typical Western style meals containing animal originated foods are high in saturated fat & cholesterol and enormously raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.In contrast,plant foods contain little saturated fat and no cholesterol and significantly reduce the risk of not only those serious diseases but also lifestyle related disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

VegiLicious’ food ingredients are carefully selected for your better health and happiness and they are all FREE from meat, dairy, eggs, food additives, MSG, GMO products, trans fat, white sugar, refined salt and oil (except for organic olive oil for pan-fried items), which could all be the causes of diseases. Our food ingredients are almost all organic which means free from pesticide and chemical fertilizer too. Again, all VegiLicious’ foods are made with so much love.

The more you eat VegiLicious’ food, the healthier your body is, and the happier your mind is.

3. You will help improve the environment.

2These days, most people eat too much meat, which is derived from livestock. As a matter of fact, livestock produce more greenhouse gas than the total of all the vehicles in the world and consume 20 times more water than farming. Livestock is actually the main cause of global warming and desertification. Decreasing meat consumption helps to stop these major problems.

When you eat VegiLicious' meal instead of a regular meal, you automatically reduce 3 tons of greenhouse gas and save 2 tons of water, which means you better the environment.

4. You will help solve the food shortage.

3There are so many people starving in the world. People in the wealthy countries, on the other hand, consume so much meat. As a matter of fact, the average 8 pounds of grain such as corn, soy and barley need to be fed in order to produce 1 pound of meat, which means you indirectly consume 8 pounds of edible grain whenever you eat a pound of meat.

When you eat VegiLicious' meal instead of a regular meal, you automatically create enough grains for 3 people to survive for a day.

5. You will save animals.

4Livestock such as cows, pigs and chickens are raised in a very small unhygienic barn and forced to eat grain (mostly GMO grain) and meat-and-bone-meal, which are neither suitable for their own eating habits. Slaughtering is even worse. Animals are NOT killed instantly without any pain. You can find some videos showing it on YouTube.

You will be so sad when you see how cruel it is. When you eat more and more VegiLicious’ food, more and more animals will actually be saved.

In summary, you can make yourself and everyone happy enjoying VegiLicious' food.

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