Our Water

We now provide and use the bestest water for you! In our kitchen, water goes through the reverse osmosis system called “Fuji Water” that thoroughly removes contaminants such as germs, trihalomethane, pesticides, environmental hormones, and heavy metals, then the water goes through the pipe of maifan stones that add great minerals, and then the water goes through the hydrogen water generator “Aquax” that adds a lot of hydrogen into the water.

hydrogen water vegilicious
Hydrogen water strengthens the immune system, improves nutrient absorption, infuses the body with antioxidants and aids with the overall detox of the body from everyday stressors. Our water is rich in hydrogen and minerals, AND DELICIOUS! We use this incredible water for drinks and cooking. We do this much just for water because we truly care about you♡

Aquolia in VegiLicious


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