Wednesday, 15 August 2018 16:26

More Delicious & Healthier for you!

Thank you very much for your continuous support given to VegiLicious. We are proud to announce that we have recently further improved the quality of our water and rice.

Our Water

Aquolia in VegiLicious

Our water is now best of the best!

Since our opening we had been using the reverse osmosis system “Fuji Water” for the best safety. The system thoroughly removes contaminants such as germs, trihalomethane, pesticides, environmental hormones, and heavy metals.

Now we have installed the hydrogen water generator “Aquolia” in addition to “Fuji Water.” Minerals and hydrogen are added to the water through “Aquolia” and it is super safe, healthy and delicious! We use this incredible combination of water for our foods and drinks because we truly care about you!

Everything is even more delicious and healthier now. Please enjoy♡

Why is “Aquolia” the best? (Click here!)


Wholesome essence brown rice jasmine rice

Our Rice is now BEYOND organic! 

The Jasmine rice and the brown rice we are using now are grown not only organically but also ecologically. The ecological farming does not give pesticides, fertilizers or animal manure to the fields, so this method does not harm the environment and the products grow strong without being spoiled.

We cook this beyond organic rice with the above hydrogen rich mineral water in order to enrich the tastes and nutrients for you! Our 5-grain rice consists of mainly this beyond organic brown rice and a blend of organic black rice, organic wild rice, organic brown jasmine rice and organic sweet brown rice.

Whole grain rice such as our 5-grain rice is a lot more nutritious and healthier than any other regular carb sources. It contains plenty of B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, dietary fibers, and even proteins. Another characteristic of whole grain rice is that the more it is chewed, even the tastier it becomes.

Please feel the difference♡

We sell some ecological farming products

Wholesome Essence products

 Ecological farming is a cultivation method that adapts to nature with deep respect for nature.
Please try out products packed with plenty of love for crops and gratitude to the earth.

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