Friday, 04 May 2018 14:35

VegiLicious' Japanese Curry

 VegiLicious curry hamburger Steak
Japanese style curry is one of the three most popular modern Japanese food as well as Ramen and thinly sliced beef BBQ. Believe it or not, we have ALL in vegan versions! Let us explain what are different from regular Japanese curry other than vegan.

Our curry is made with all organic vegetables, fruits, spices and LOVE through a long process of cooking while most commercial curry is made with commercially mixed curry powder/paste, animal fat, oil, sugar, table salt, flour, MSG and less vegetables.

In recent research, they found out that the large amount of serotonin, known as “happy hormone,” is been released when people eat curry.
Curry with mix of many different spices and vegetables, just like our curry at VegiLicious, is more effective than the typical commercial curry. This type of curry is also called as “medicinal curry” because of its “cure-all” effects for physical and mental health.

Please enjoy our rich flavored curry with your favorite toppings and rice. It will make your mind and body happy!

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