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Why Natural and Organic?

Stick with the highest quality! That's our basic philosophy for our food!
We have been creating our menu considering your health and happiness both physically and mentally as our No.1 issue.

Our Commitment
1. We do not use any artificial additive or MSG or GMO product.
2. Our food is all made with less sugar, less salt, less oil and less fat.
3. We use all organic vegetables. 

vegitablesThese are, of course, for your health and happiness, and actually these can make the food taste better unless you are used to too much artificial flavors, sugar, salt, oil and fat in your everyday life. Organic vegetables and grains are not only safe but also a lot more delicious and nutritious than regular ones grown with chemical fertilizer and pesticide.

Organic vegetables and grains are actually rich in vitamins and minerals, and you can enjoy the taste of the material itself.

We offer organic soups & salads, signature curry, and chicken & hamburger steak which taste even better than real meats in order to be able to satisfy not only vegans or vegetarians but also people with normal eating habits.

We already heard a lot of exclamations saying, “Can’t believe this is not chicken!” “How come the taste is so rich without using any meat or broth!”

VegiLicious is pleased to contribute to the health and happiness of you, your family, and everyone else.

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